Mainly we offer two types of services Deposit and Loans


We offer a wide choice of savings accounts & banking services to suit your lifestyle.We'll help you to make the most of life's opportunities and experiences. We are accepting different types of deposits.

1. Savings bank deposits scheme

2. Fixed deposit scheme

3. Monthly deposit scheme

All MDS  depositors paid installments without delay are given an attractive gift. The rate of interest of our bank for all deposits are always higher than the rate of interest has been paid by the scheduled banks.


Different types loans and advance are as follows.

1. Agricultural loan

2.Kissan Credit card

3. House maintenance loan 
4. Self Employment    
5. Small scale industries 
6. Cash credit 
7. Business 
8.  Educational loan 
9.  Loans for home appliances 
10. Self employment project of self help groups 
11. To buy the properties
12. Gold loan
13.For Marriage purpose    etc

Safe deposit locker facilities are available in the bank. For keeping ornaments and other valuables of the customers an easy terms and conditions, annual rent Rs 250.
The bank has been giving cash award to the children of the ‘A’ class members in the SSLC. All banking facilities are provided to ‘A’ class members only gold loan, MDS advance FD loan facilities are provided to ‘B’ class members.Free sms alert can be send for all members.


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