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This service co-operative society belongs to the category of primary agricultural credit societie's Area of operation, six wards in Mararikulam South Grama Panchayath and seven wards in Mannanchery Grama Panchayath. Promote thrift and savings among the members and provide agricultural and non agricultural credit facilities to the members. ‘A’ class membership  is open and allowed to individual residents in the area of operation of the Bank. ‘B’ class membership is opened and allowed to all individuals. Age limit and other conditions regarding membership as per Kerala co-operative societies Act. (For getting banking facilities the customer should be a member of the bank either A class or nominal.) All kinds of loans are providing to A class members. Gold loan,Monthly Deposit Schemes and MDS advances FD loans are providing to nominal members.

Liability: Liability of the Bank is limited to the shares.
The main functions of the general body are specified below.

1. Prepare programme of action for the coming year (ensuring year).

2. Election / Removal of elected directors when it warrants  of members of the board of directors.

3. Approval of budget.

4. Acceptance of annual report.

5. Amendment of bye-law.

6. Expulsion of members etc.


The society was registered in 1102 M.E as Paraspara Sahaya Sahakarana Sangham. Then it changed its name as Kalavoor Service  co-operative society Ltd no 1497 on 28.10.1963 and registered under Travancore Cochin co-operative societies act 1951.After that  changed its name as Kalavoor Service Co-operative Bank Ltd. No.1497 through the amendments of Bye laws in 1991. The Bank Office is situated near Kalavoor junction on NH47, 9 kms north from Alleppey town.


Bank has been giving ‘A’ class membership to citizens residing permanently in the area of operation of the bank.Share value for one is Rs.100/-
Documents which are essential to take the membership are

1. Copy of identify card

2.  Two copies of passport size photograph.

3. Those who are non-resident of the bank limit will also get temporary membership  by paying Rs.10/- in the office.

Board of Directors
Our Board functions in a dynamic way. Board of Directors play a key-role in managing the day to day activities of the bank efficiently by taking appropriate decisions. We have 13 Board members  unanimously elected by the general body of the bank. Among them one seat is reserved for SC/ST and three seats reserved for women  and one seat reserved for depositors delegation. The administration of the bank is carried by existing board of directors led by sri.V.T.Ajayakumar being the president duly elected by the elected directors and  assumed duty on 03.05.2013.

Name and address of  Director Board  Members.





Thayil House, Kalavoor P.O


Sunil Nivas, Kalavoor P.O


Ettukandathil, North Aryad P.O


Veliyil Veedu, Kalavoor P.O


Aambalkandathil, North Aryad P.O


Sathyapriya, Kalavoor.P.O


Devaswamvely, Pollethai.P.O


Kuppayath Veedu, Pollethai P.O

N.Ponnappan Pillai

Ajith Nivas, Mannamchery P.O


Thakidively, Kalavoor P.O


Sruthylayam, Kalavoor P.O

Omana Raju

Kurukkanchirayil, Kalavoor P.O

P.A. Jumaileth

Salim Manzil, Kalavoor P.O


The Administrative, managerial and decision making capacity of our former presidents and directors led the bank to reach   the present quality and service. We honour their sincere and dedicated services in this occasion. We thankfully honour our former president Sri.R.Thankappan for his honorable service to the bank for more than 50 years.

Our staff play a vital role in the development of the bank business as well as the progress of the institution. Their team spirit, hard working habits and sincerety to the customers help us to increase the progress of the bank.


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